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The Phoenix Rose

The Phoenix Rose

Reggae/pop/rock band

Appearing on Sunday October 6pm at 1pm, at the Performance Stage

Download the event programme here

Jarvis Smith is a musician, evangelist, publisher and TV personality. All of these talents culminate in a career that has focused on green living, a tenet best illustrated by The Phoenix Rose, which is Jarvis and collaborators Jim Evans-Jones (drums), Rob Tree (bass), Fingers (guitar), and Reet (vocals).

The band has signed the with the UK's first and only green record company, Archangel Green, and the recording contract denotes guidelines about travel reduction and worst case, carbon-offsetting travel, green energy tariffs, and efficient CD production, and the use of enviro-friendly products for promo shoots and appearances. Jarvis' talent as a songwriter and his musicianship are used as powerful vehicles for his ‘green' message; The Phoenix Rose has performed at Glastonbury, Sunrise and the Bristol Vegan Fayre, and played the main stage at the UK's Greenest Festival, Waveform.

The band also impressed the star-studded audience at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards, which champions and recognizes ethnic achievement. The Phoenix Rose's music is a melodic blend of reggae, pop and rock, written to infuse the mind and soul with positive vigour and a feeling of unity, principles of Reiki of which Jarvis is a master.

"The concept of energy transmission is a driving force; the belief that sharing knowledge, positivity and understanding is key in Jarvis' music."

Jarvis Smith wrote the new single, ‘Sick & Tired' , a call to people who want an end to dictatorships and manipulation, which are founding causes for the state of our planet. Strong idea, but as Jarvis believes, music is the best way to spread powerful and determined messages in a peaceful manner. ‘Sick & Tired' is a catalyst to make people consider their world, and hopefully engages them to realise their own capability in insisting change.

"Sick and Tired is one of the wickedest rock reggae songs of the past few years. Its the sound you would hear if The Police clashed with Bob Marley" - High Respect, Native Wayne Jobson (Double Grammy Winner)

"The track is a mash-up of reggae skank, rock riffs, a rap breakdown, shamanic chanting and, of course ethical lyrics from Jarvis who, incidentally, appeared in Channel 4's eco-inspired reality series dumped. it beats having a fair-trade logo stamped to your hand." Big Issue

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