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Talks - Campaigns

TALKS - campaigns

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On the First Floor, with some superb experts on hand with the latest info on some of our leading campaigns

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12.00              League Against Cruel Sports - Other Victims of Wildlife Crime

1.00                Andrew Tyler (Animal Aid) - 'High Welfare' Animal Farming

2.00                Nick Cooney - Changing Minds, Changing Diets: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Inspiring Others

3.00               Kim Stallwood - Animal Witness

4.00                Vanessa Hudson - Help Make History: The Animal Welfare Party's 2014 EU Election Campaign

5.00                Victoria Martindale - The Monkey in your Shopping Trolley 




12.00              Jeanette Rowley (IVRA) - Challenging Speciesism through Human Rights: Law & Veganism

1.00                Justin Kerswell (Viva!) - Wild Thing!

2.00                London Animal Rights - Animal Rights Campaigning in London

3.00                Kerry McCarthy MP - Parliamentary Report from a Vegan MP

4.00                Mane Chance Sanctuary - Our Dreams

5.00                Animals Asia Foundation - Moon bears: Journey to Freedom



12:00 - League Against Cruel Sports - Other Victims of Wildlife Crime

When people think of hunting, they usually think about the traditional images of foxes and of men in red coats chasing wildlife across the countryside on horseback with a pack of dogs. What people don't realise is that there are a number of other victims of hunting as well as the hunted animal.

Hunt Havoc is a term we use to describe undesirable and anti social consequences of hunting on individuals, families, businesses and communities and their livestock and domestic animals.

Typical hunt havoc cases involve issues such as trespass, firearms offences, intimidation, and violence, out of control hunting dogs, traffic chaos, livestock disturbance and even domestic pet fatality.

1:00 - andrew tyler (Animal aid) - 'high welfare' animal farming

Is the campaign to encourage the public to buy ‘high welfare' animal products, such as those labelled Freedom Food, organic and free range, a positive development that brings solid, measurable benefits to farmed animals? Or does this movement sanitise and legitimise unacceptable farming practices?

2:00 - NICK COONEY - Changing Minds, Changing Diets: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Inspiring Others

Should anti-war protestors use graphic images to get public support for their cause, or will such images turn the public off? Why do most Americans say they oppose the cruel practices of factory farms and sweatshops yet still buy products from these places? And how can non-profits get more people to say yes to their requests to volunteer, donate, recycle, write a letter to a political prisoner, support gay rights, go vegetarian, conserve energy or make other positive changes?

Scientific research has generated a wealth of information on how people can be persuaded to alter their behaviors, yet this body of knowledge has been largely ignored by those working to improve society. Nick Cooney is the author Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Spreading Social Change brings this information to light so that non-profits, community organizers and others can make science-driven decisions in their advocacy work.

3:00 - Kim Stallwood - Animal Witness

What does it mean to care deeply about animals? Do you think you could be a more effective animal campaigner? Is positive, practical action for animals important to you? Do you want to understand cruelty-free, vegetarian / vegan living as more than just a material lifestyle choice? If these and questions like them are ones that you ask, I invite you to join with me to investigate why animals and their well-being are important to us. We will take a fresh look at living as a vegan. We will also explore ways to improve how we campaign for animals.

4:00 - Vanessa Hudson - Help Make History: The Animal Welfare Party's 2014 EU Election Campaign

The Animal Welfare Party (formerly known as Animals Count) is a UK political party striving to create a better world for people, animals and the environment.

We're standing in the constituency of London in the May 2014 EU Elections. Our aim - to return a dedicated representative for animals to the EU Parliament. To win a seat we need around 1 in 4 of London vegetarians and vegans to vote for us. Find out more about our campaign and how you can get involved in making history by coming to our talk.
Twitter @animalscount

5:00 - Victoria Martindale - The Monkey in your Shopping Trolley

If your weekly shop is anything like mine, it's a soulless affair. I pile my trolley high with convenience and tick the items off my shopping list one by one. It would never have occurred to me that what I was loading into my trolley was in fact a slice of rainforest and I certainly didn't ever connect my groceries to orangutans going extinct.

There is, however, a connection between me, my groceries and orangutans and it is palm oil. A heinous invisible ingredient, palm oil is guilty of some of the worst ecological atrocities this planet has ever known and, unwittingly, I was an accomplice.

Palm oil may be cheap; its cost is deadly and this tree axing, wildlife exterminating ingredient had found its way into virtually all of my everyday products, hidden in even the most innocuous of items. I am sorry to say, the consequences of my weekly grocery shop were bloody and far reaching.

Please stop by and find out why palm oil is committing some of the most terrible environmental crimes of today and how you can counter its ecocide.


12:00 - Jeanette Rowley (IVRA) - Challenging Speciesism through Human Rights: Law and Veganism

This session will explain why vegan activism needs to be given a focus and why vegans should use human rights legislation to contribute to the dismantling of speciesist society. It will explain how, by using our human rights, animals benefit by association. It will illustrate what our human rights are under various human rights and equality provisions and explain how vegans can raise the profile of veganism as a legitimate belief in law in their daily lives. The session will offer some tips for vegan activism at various levels of involvement.

1:00 - Justin Kerswell (Viva!) - Wild Thing!

Wild thing!: How the fate of farmed and wild animals are intertwined and why our diet is essential to saving the world's threatened wildlife. Going vegan saves both farmed and wild animals.
• Justin Kerswell is Viva!'s deputy director and works on campaigns from exposing the conditions of factory farmed pigs and ducks to ending the sale of foie-gras and 'exotic' meats. He has appeared on numerous TV programmes and had hundreds of letters and articles published in the national and regional press. Justin has researched and led successful campaigns to end the massacre of many wildlife species, including kangaroos, reindeer, geese, ducks and badgers.


2:00 - London Animal Rights - Animal Rights Campaigning in London

his talk is an introduction and overview of the many active groups and societies in London campaigning on issues connected with animal rights and veganism.

As well as being the nation's capital city, London is also one of the biggest, most famous and most cosmopolitan cities in the world. So not surprisingly there is always a wide range of campaigning activities and events taking place.

So whether you live in or near London, or you're just visiting London for a short stay, come to this talk to find out how to get active for the animals and meet other like-minded campaigners.

3:00 - Kerry McCarthy MP - Parliamentary Report from a Vegan MP

As one of Parliament's three vegan MPs Kerry will give an update on the political issues that directly affect or will be of particular interest to vegetarians and vegans, touching on animal welfare, food and farming, the environment and public health:- issues such as the badger cull; the horsemeat scandal; the worrying trend towards more industrialised, intensified farming; the next steps for a animal testing ban; and how we can better campaign to change public and political opinion on the virtues of a plant-based diet and a more humane approach towards animals.

4:00 - mane chance sanctuary - Our dreams

Mane Chance Sanctuary, in Surrey, was set up by the actress Jenny Seagrove (Judge John Deed) in September 2011 and is home to 25 horses rescued from abuse and neglect. We believe we set the standard in natural equine care - our horses are barefoot, live in tracks (as per the Paradise Pastures system), the tracks are planted with herbs to encourage self-selection and we treat our herd with Reiki and other complementary therapies in combination with traditional vet care. We will explain more about our horsemanship and our work with the local community in our talk.

5:00 - Animals Asia Foundation - Moon bears: Journey to Freedom

Animals Asia is a global animal welfare charity devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam. It promotes compassion and respect for all animals and works to bring about long-term change. It has three major programmes: End Bear Bile Farming, Cat and Dog Welfare, and Zoos and Safari Parks.

Fiona Osler will be showing a film on the bear bile campaign and will explain how Animals Asia's PR and education campaigns are now beginning to bring about real changes in attitudes to animal welfare in China and Vietnam.

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