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Stephanie Jeffs

Stephanie Jeffs

Raw foods for weight loss expert

Appearing at VegFestUK London on Saturday 5 October at 12 midday in the Living Raw Prep Zone

Download the event programme here

Stephanie Jeffs is a master coach, author, entrepreneur, raw food expert and self-confessed juice junkie. She was once an unhealthy vegetarian and has since lost 9 stones and cured herself of chronic disease through eating a high-raw high-plant based diet - her focus is on raw foods for weight loss. She is passionate about clean eating. She is The Go-To Girl for Raw.

As the founder of Explore Raw Stephanie supports clients who seek optimum wellness through the pursuit of a high plant-based, high-raw diet. Stephanie shows others how to get started with a Raw lifestyle and move beyond what is holding them back - she understands the journey.

Stephanie created her 7-day detox, "Raw7 - The 7-Day Juicing & Raw for Weight Loss Plan", to help others kick start their weight loss journey.

Stephanie offers workshops, courses, coaching programmes and eBooks that inspire and motivate individuals to pursue their own goals. She partners with military trainers to offer raw juice camps offering the ultimate fitness and raw foods experience. She also makes a world class raw cheesecake and a range of breath-taking chocolates and sweets!

Stephanie also offers a FREE 24 hour detox plan through her website that gives you 14 recipes including a tantalising Chinese buffet supper, all completely raw.

 Visit to find out more and download your copy.








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