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Exhibitors Manual

Download the exhibitors manual here

All exhibitors must complete and sign the exhibitors checklist and declaration form.

Exhibitors must also possess insurance documents for exhibitions.

Exhibitors who are serving food or giving out food samples must complete the food safety questionaire.

Please scan and email all the forms back to the VegfestUK office at in one email.

Exhibitors who do not complete and return these forms before the show will not be allowed to exhibit at the venue.

Unloading and loading at the venue

All exhibitors must also print out a copy of the pass here for reserving time slots for unloading their goods on Friday October 4th (1 hour max.), and loading on Saturday October 5th or Sunday October 6th (20 mins. max.). Please fill in one copy of this document and bring the completed copy on the day.


Exhibitors who wish to use the storage space at the venue during the show must first book their storage with the organisers by emailing

Those who have booked storage must fill in a storage pass here and bring the completed copy to the show.

Other essential info for exhibitors

Exhibitors are also advised to read the following documents carefully and thoroughly before the show:

Health and Safety info at the venue

Access and parking

Electrical safety for exhibitors

Fire and safety regulations

We wish all exhibitors a very successful exhibition at VegfestUK London!

Download the event programme here

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