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Pat Reeves


Cancer survivor & Powerlifter

Apperaing on Saturday October 5th at 4pm in the Living Raw Zone, and at 5pm at the book-signing stall

Download the event programme here

Pat Reeves

At the time of writing I am a scant few days from officiating and very much looking forward to the opportunity to raise my World record at our World Drug-Free Single Event Power-lifting Championships in Antwerp. Now approaching sixty-eight years old, I am currently the oldest female champion in this great sport!! I am Gen Sec to British Drug-Free Power-lifting Association, National event promoter, holding the current World Dead-lift and Bench-Press records in my age and bodyweight category, International referee and coach, travelling world-wide.

Within my role as practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine, I am based in the West Midlands, taking patients from United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Now twenty-five years experience in returning thousands of patients to optimal health, I am enthralled to be living an amazing life for far longer than anyone expected, given my own well-documented genetic cancer challenge. I am consulted to assist with all manner of compromised health problems, from the most serious to those that are simply very annoying and decrease the quality of life for those suffering. I enjoy a very busy and super-rewarding life!

Being supported using a plant-based regime for around forty-seven years - for the last twenty of those mainly consuming living foods, has totally transformed my health, radically changing orthodox predicted outcome, enabling me to defeat an intractable cancer situation.

My newly re-printed and up-dated book 'A Living Miracle' now confers information relative to the most valuable supplementation which has dramatically assisted a return-to-health for my patients over the last few years. My book also covers all aspects of how to make a living food protocol become second-nature - and as easy as switching on an oven! I have featured one-hundred simple recipes developed and used since I discovered this amazing health-providing food preparation system.


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