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Nishma Shah

Nishma Shah

Chef, founder of Shambhu's

Appearing on Sunday October 6th at 2pm in the Cookery Demos Theatre

Download the event programme here

Hi :-)

I am a Kenyan-born Indian, from the Jain community, and have been living in the UK for the last 24 years. In October 2005, I launched Shambhu's, an exclusively vegan catering company based in London. Our mission at Shambhu's is to show how great vegan food can be :-)

I was lucky to have had a diverse cultural upbringing in Kenya, where family meals were always prepared using fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. As such, my style of vegan cuisine tends to be a fusion of various culinary cultures, made using fresh ingredients and spices.

Over the years, Shambhu's has been serving hearty home-cooked international vegan cuisine at festivals, private functions, business events and London Vegans guest-speaker evenings.

In May 2011, we launched our popular range of vegan & gluten-free cheesecakes for sale in whole food shops nationwide. We have 4 delicious flavours and are delighted that our Lemon & Coconut flavour has been nominated for a VegfestUK 2013 Award. Cast your vote here.

Recently I have been delivering cookery demonstrations in the UK and abroad, and I'm thrilled to be doing so here at Olympia.

We have one beautiful world - lets make it vegan :-)


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