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Natasha Corrett


Gourmet Vegetarian Chef and Author

Appearing on Sunday 5pm in the Cookery Demo Theatre, and at 6pm at the book-signing stall

Download the event programme here



Natasha Corrett is a self-taught gourmet vegetarian chef, entrepreneur and co-author of best selling book, Honestly Healthy, Eat With Your Body In Mind, The Alkaline Way with the company's Nutritional Director Vicki Edgson.

Having set up her business Honestly Healthy in 2010, Natasha's passion for cooking started at an early age after being introduced to the business by her father, and spending a summer holiday in the kitchens of Le Boudin Blanc when she was 16.

With a keen interest in nutrition and alkalizing foods, Natasha takes her cooking seriously! She uses
only the very best organic vegetables, cooks everything from scratch and ensures that her dishes are not only delicious but also nutritiously balanced.

Natasha has developed a range of fresh and dried food products championing the importance of an alkaline lifestyle. She has created Honestly Healthy versions of various treats including cakes, pancakes, breads, pizzas and ice-cream as well as a whole range of smoothies, salads and soups.

Honestly Healthy allows you to do away with the restrictions of conventional diets and instead choose a lifestyle, which offers long-term benefits to health and wellbeing. Her Fridge Fill consists of delicious wheat, gluten, cows dairy and sugar free food delivery to each customer's home.

Natasha has successfully implemented her philosophy and unique approach to cooking across other business areas, she has consulted for LUX* Island Resorts in Mauritius and is currently working with La Suite West Hotel in London, Bayswater. She also travels the world teaching private chefs to cook the alkaline way and gives talks, demonstrations, cooking classes at Food 52 in Old Street, cleanses and organises retreats for those who share her passion for a truly feel-good lifestyle.

Natasha is currently writing her second book.

What clients say...

"Healthy yet ridiculously delicious" Robbie Williams.

"Honestly Healthy's chef Natasha's cooking is so delicious; I just can't believe it's got no naughty
things in it! I can eat till my heart is content and still look great in my bikinis'!" Melissa Odabash.

"Eating Honestly Healthy food definitely makes you feel good about yourself, it is packed with energy
and has a variety of choices to suit everyone." Dame Kelly Holmes.

What the press all says...

"This is not about losing weight, may I stress. In fact, the five days I tested it (the Fridge Fill) I'd never eaten so much or had so varied a diet and because it's all vegetarian I slept incredibly well.
No indigestion, no dehydration from too much caffeine or zig-zag moods from fake adrenalin rushes. Each day, every meal perfectly packaged up for me..." Vogue Deputy Editor Emily Sheffield,

"Honestly Healthy's range of ready to cook dry mixes are giving convenience food a wholesome makeover. We're big fans of the Super Quinoa & Lentil All-Rounder." Womans Fitness

"Over Fashion Week we were kept standing thanks to a trial of Honestly Healthy...whose Fridge Fills
pack your life with the cleanest of food in ready to go meals." YOU Magazine

"Vicki and Tash's inspiring new book, Honestly Healthy is packed with background info, handy tips
and delicious Alkaline-friendly recipes." Woman and Home

"Full of feel-good recipes to nail at home." Marie Claire




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