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Mellissa Morgan - Ms Cupcake


Chef and Ms Cupcake owner

Appearing on both days - at the Ms Cupcake stall, and appearing on Saturday 1pm and Sunday 3pm at the book-signing stall, at a 'Meet the Experts' session on Sunday 12pm, and at 1pm in the Nutrition Talks Room

Download the event programme here

Hi sweetie! I'm Ms. Cupcake and I originally hail from Canada, but moved to the UK many moons ago.

I began baking from home when I couldn't find indulgent bakery goods for vegans in London. I soon realised that it wasn't just vegans like me that weren't being catering for, but also those allergic to different foods like eggs and milk, and those who didn't eat certain things due to religious reasons.

So I launched my small business from my home kitchen in the spring of 2010 and began by selling my vegan cakes at markets around London. I would describe my baking as classic North American with a British flavour twist. The rise from ‘small home business' to where we are today has been meteoric! We opened the doors to our shop (London's first entirely vegan retail bakery) in April 2011 and I was named the Baking Industry Awards Rising Star of 2011 in September of that year.

I created the Ms. Cupcake bakery and shop to be an open plan bakery so everything can be baked and decorated fresh onsite in front of the customers each day. Our menu now feature cookies, squares, layer cakes, muffins, donuts and more - but we are still renowned for our over 100 seasonal varieties of cupcakes.



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