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Meet The Experts

Meet The Experts

Many of our experts and special guests are available for a 1 - 2 - 1 session

These sessions are half an hour each, two at a time, and take place on the ground floor - see floor plans

Download the event programme here


12:00               Juliet Gellatley

                        Patrik Baboumian


                        Omowale Adewale

2:00                 Neil Robinson

                        Yvonne Bishop-Weston

3:00                 Scott Jurek

                        Christine Bailey

4:00                 Saskia Fraser

                        Jane Easton

5:00                 Chad Sarno




12:00               Melissa Morgan (Ms Cupcake)

                        Fiona Oakes

1:00                 Patrik Baboumian

                        Scott Jurek

2:00                 Kerry McCarthy MP

                        Wendy Turner-Webster

3:00                 Karen Knowler

                        Fran Costigan

4:00                 Karen Ranzi

                        Omowale Adewale

5:00                 Chad Sarno

                        Juliet Hayward

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