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Mane Chance Sanctuary

Mane Chance Sanctuary

At stall T2 both days, and giving a talk on Sunday Oct 6th at 4pm in the Campaigns Talk Room

Floor plans here

Download the event programme here

Mane Chance provides sanctuary to 25 horses of all ages and sizes.

Our modus operandi of care is unique in the horse welfare world, in that we have our fields set up on a track system. This enriches the horses' lives by giving them variety and also forces them to exercise, as we feed them all along the tracks thus encouraging them to forage.

The emotional care of the horses, which of course is reflected in their physical well- being, is also unique. We work together with James French, the renowned animal communicator and pioneer of The Trust Technique. He has set up a care regime which involves working with our many rescue animals at their pace, gently earning their trust. We give those that need it a balance of extra supplements and reiki, as well as conventional veterinary, podiatric and chiropractic care.

Mane Chance also works with people. We have established a close working relationship with Challengers and The Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice and we are already taking small steps towards fulfilling our dream of providing a peaceful environment to enable special needs children to reach out to the animals in our care.

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