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Living Raw Zone

living raw  zone

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On the First Floor, with some superb experts on hand with the latest creations to light up your plant based diets, this time with a 100% raw tip

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12.00    Stephanie Jeffs - Explore Raw - Juicing & Raw for Weight Loss

1.00      Rebecca Kane - The Raw Food Shine

2.00      Saskia Fraser - Warm and Comforting Raw Food for Winter

3.00      Chad Sarno - All About the Sauce: Sauces, dressings and marinates

4.00      Pat Reeves - How to Survive Against the Odds

5.00      Gina Shaw - Can radical dietary changes change our level of health?




12.00    Chad Sarno - Healthy Entertaining: A Bite-sized World

1.00      Karen Knowler - Raw Food Made Simple Recipes

2.00      Juliet Hayward - Zeolite - An Ancient Form of Cleansing

3.00      Deborah Durrant (Deliciously Raw) - Entertaining

4.00      Tim Barford with Neil Robinson - Smoothie demos

5.00      Karen Ranzi - Raw Food Fun for Families



12.00  Stephanie Jeffs - Explore Raw - Juicing & Raw for Weight Loss

Exploring a raw foods diet for the first time can be confusing while also trying to balance nutritional and weight loss targets. It can appear tricky. Raw Foodie Stephanie Jeffs will unravel this for you and demonstrate some of her favourite raw food dishes for weight loss. Guaranteed to get you ready for a raw detox Stephanie's sessions are always fun and energetic. She will also share with you her tips on how she lost 9 stones and cured herself of chronic disease. Come along and be inspired to kick start your own wellness journey by watching Stephanie prepare some of her signature dishes included plates from her tantalizing Chinese buffet supper.


1:00 pm - rebecca kane - the raw food shine

Rebecca is the founder of the Shining Academy, a company committed to working with people so they can connect to their true nature and take their lives to the next level. She does this through her fun teaching style, skills as a kinesiologist and love of raw food.
Rebecca will be giving a demonstration of her quick, easy and very tasty raw Chocolate and Coconut Bliss Balls and raw Pasta and Pesto. And of course there will be samples for you to try!

2.00 pm -  Saskia Fraser - Warm and Comforting Raw Food for Winter

Lots of people struggle with the idea of eating Raw Food in winter, when it's cold and rainy outside, and, at the same time, wish they could be healthy and full of energy and positivity through the winter months. In this fun demonstration, Raw Food Mentor and Life Coach Saskia Fraser shows you how it's deliciously possible to eat more raw food in the winter, inspiring you to be brilliantly well through the coming months. Saskia will also be dispelling myths about ‘cold' raw food by sharing 6 easy ways to heat raw food without destroying its goodness.

3:00 pm - Chad Sarno - All About the Sauce: Sauces, dressings and marinates

A continuation of the cookery demo earlier in the day, the focus is showcasing plants as the center of the plate paired the essential sauce. The easiest and most successful way to do so highlighting the key components in any dish are with building sauces, dressings and marinates. In this demo we will break this key category down to base components and building flavors. Going beyond just salads, this demo will showcase some key building blocks in creating well balances flavor packed sauces that will put your next raw meal over the top.


For anyone facing a traumatic health-challenge, life can become extremely tough and fraught with hitherto un-considered problems. I have worked with hundreds of people providing all types of support. Family and friends add greatly to this, though sadly not everyone is fortunate enough to have sufficient carers who can appropriatingly facilitate. It does take great strength of character and a wicked resolve to overcome whatever is thrown at one. Techniques absolutely can be learned and practised to a high level and extensively employed when circumstances dictate. It is absolutely possible to improve emotional, spiritual and physical fitness to stay on top of any challenge. The most empowering nutritional practice I have found is becoming more raw and consuming a high amount of nutrients which are both alive and vitalising - hence confering energy, oxygen and vibrancy, enabling one to become more intuitive and knowledgeable in accessing our inner healing system. 

Pat Reeves

5:00pm - gina shaw - Can radical dietary changes change our level of health?

Gina will look at the causes and evolution of disease and discuss how dietary and lifestyle changes can help overcome acute and chronic disease and address fasting, juice diets and detox plans and their role in speeding the healing process.


12:00 pm - Chad Sarno - Healthy Entertaining: A Bite-sized World

What's a better way to kick off that next dinner party with your friends than to showcase a bit-sized menu. In this demo we will take a trip into the raw world of amuse bouche, passed apps and first courses. From shooters, skewers, and canapés we will create some delicious and simple yet sexy recipes to appeal to all your guests.

1.00 pm  Karen Knowler - Raw Food Made Simple recipes

Going raw is one of the best things you can do for your health, energy, ethics and overall culinary delight. If you've felt curious about how to introduce more raw food to your diet in a way that is easy, simple, delicious and doable, then "Raw Food Made Simple" is for you! Join raw food expert Karen Knowler as she demonstrates some of her favourite quick and easy raw food recipes that she promises will taste even better than your cooked veggie favourites.

2.00pm Juliet Hayward - Zeolite - An Ancient Form of Cleansing

Heavy metals proliferate in our environment, in the air we breathe and the food and drink we consume. So how are we to rid ourselves of these toxins? There is a mineral called zeolite with a porous cage-like structure made from alumino-silicate that has a negative charge and a strong affinity to the positively charged heavy metals. Zeolite is able to attract heavy metals into its crystalline cages and excrete them from the body. I would like to discuss some of the everyday applications of zeolites for urbanites living in busy polluted cities and country dwellers living near farmland that is subjected to pesticides.

3:00pm Deborah Durrant (Deliciously Raw) - Entertaining

Join Deborah Durrant from Deliciously Raw and learn to make amazingly elegant and decadent raw food for entertaining. Back from spending a few months with Matthew Kenney in California, her courses were shortlisted for the Best Short Cookery Course in the UK and Ireland by the Looking to Cook Cookery School Awards. Deborah will show you how to make an appetiser, main meal and elegant dessert to wow your friends and family in a little under an hour.

4.00pm Tim Barford with Neil Robinson - Smoothie Demos

Join show director and Yaoh manager Tim Barford with his special guest Neil Robinson, who used to play professional fotball at the top level with the likes of Everton and Swwansea City in the 70's and 80's, whilst on a veggie and later vegan diet. Neil and Tim demonstrate some of their favouriste smoothie recipes in a light hearted and inspirational style that is perfect for people of all levels of nutritional knowlege and experience - and especailly those seeking extra energy and health whilkst sticking to a plant based diet. Everyone (including children) is welcome at these very popular sessions, which include free smoothie samples and plenty of fun.

5:00 - Karen Ranzi - Raw Food Fun for Families

Raw Food Expert and Author of Creating Healthy Children, Karen Ranzi, presents her workshop "Raw Food Fun for Families," focused on the transformational benefits of increasing the raw/living plant foods in the family lifestyle.

* Learn healthy vegan nutrition for infants, toddlers, older children and teenagers.
* Learn healthy recipe replacements for processed and refined foods.
* Discover what to do when your child is sick.
* Learn quick power-packed simple recipes which children can re-create at home.
* Find out how to deal with party food and keeping a child on a healthy track.
* Karen will be offering her new ebook "Fun Raw Food Finger Foods" Free to attendees of this workshop!

Does your child suffer from being overweight and/or the "normal" childhood illnesses, such as frequent colds, ear and throat infections, asthma, allergies, and other complications? Karen reveals terrific tips for children of all ages in how to improve their diet and lifestyle.

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