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Lifewell Wellbeing Hub speakers

Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

Exploring Personal, Communal, and Global Wellbeing, the LifeWell Wellbeing Hub features a rich diversity of empowering wellness speakers with wide ranging expertise, while sharing a common advocacy for more natural living.

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Matt Monarch

Matt Monarch has been at the forefront of the Raw Foods Movement for over 15 years. He travels worldwide teaching about healthy eating and healing from degenerative diseases. Matt shares many different methods to help people heal, whether they want to follow a strict 100% Raw Food Diet or choose a simple cooked Whole Foods Diet, void of processed foods. Matt has worked with numerous clients, celebrities, nutritionists and doctors over the years, and has studied all of the alternative diets and methods on the market today. In 1998, after Matt jumped into a 100% Raw Food Diet, he experienced a spiritual transformation that flipped his life around 180 degrees. Matt likes to share how the 100% Raw Food Diet can be used as one of the many pathways into the spiritual realm. While healing on the physical level can be very important, Matt also shares the importance of healing 'spiritually', and how to actually heal on a spiritual level, which might be thought of as the root location of much disease and inhibited well-being. Matt owns the largest online Raw Foods and Superfoods store in the world,, and also hosts a very popular online raw food TV Show.

Angela Stokes-Monarch

Angela Stokes-Monarch lost an amazing 160lbs with a raw vegan lifestyle, reversing morbid obesity. For the last decade, she has been sharing her remarkable story of recovery through her website Angela provides guidance and inspiration for others through videos, before/after pictures and blogs. She is well known for completing a 92-Day Juice Feast back in 2007 and her juicing book continues to inspire countless others into juicy journeys. Her popular book ‘Raw Emotions’ explores raw food transformations beyond the physical level, including curbing cravings, addressing overeating issues and creating an optimal life vision. Along with her husband, Matt Monarch, Angela runs the largest online raw food store in the world, and they also host the very popular online TV show, Angela lives with her husband Matt, daughter Oria and a vast menagerie of animals (including an ostrich) on an organic farm in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.


Richi is a self-healing master! At just 8 months old he lost 8lbs during an aggressive bout with infant gastroenteritis, and sickness became ever evolving part of life. Before Richi was of school age, he intuitively discovered meditation as a solution to the insomnia caused by his childhood sickness' and severe pain. The adversity of his poor health was multiplied by the turbulent contrast between the inner-peace he uncovered, and the chaos of the outer world; conspiring a great and growing life challenge, which is familiar to all of us in theme if not degree.

Through his teens and twenties Richi's health descended into severe physical debilitation. Within that lifetime of struggle, Richi discovered core insights into Life Alchemy; baffling leading doctors by traversing his severe symptoms. These insights and understandings enabled him to find empowerment through even the most challenging times. At 29, Richi created a healing lifestyle which provided the nutritional support he needed to regenerate his body and thrive! The knowledge he has to share with us gained from his own personal transformation from physically debilitating chronic illness, and the deepest of mental and emotional adversities, is nothing short of life changing!

Richi is patron and guiding visionary for LifeWell Springs, aswell as patron of the Holistic Future Network, and founder of the we for Wellness project and LifeWell Wellbeing Hubs initiative.

Tanya Alekseeva

Tanya Alekseeva is a wellness coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a renowned raw food and detox expert. Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now living in London, she focuses her coaching to ensure busy individuals achieve their most desired wellbeing and ultimate health objectives. She is the founder of Better Raw, co-founder of Lush Escapes, creator of the Amazon No1 Bestselling DVD 'Raw Food 101', and author of numerous eBooks, as well as a FREE report '15 World's Healthiest Foods' available on

Jamie Combs

Jamie Combs is the Founder and Managing Director Natural Balance Foods, makers of the Nakd and Trek brands. In addition to leading one of Britain’s fastest-growing businesses, Jamie is a compelling advocate for Holistic Education, Wholefood-Based Lifestyles and Cultural Change. He is a sought after speaker by leadership, entrepreneurial, and educational groups around the world.

Jessica Fenton

Jessica Fenton and her husband, Tom own Raw Gaia ( a revolutionary, 100% natural, organic, botanical skincare brand based in Brighton, UK. She is the mother of Leo (4 yrs) and Max (17 mths) who have been vegan since birth and eat a high proportion of raw foods. Jessica ran a popular raw and vegan nutrition consultancy up until her children were born, where she helped a large number of ordinary and high profile people alike. She later went on to publish the best selling book; Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes with Ivy Press in 2011.

She is a passionate natural health and parenting journalist, contributing regularly to many national magazines. She enjoys blogging over at Naturally Mummy ( where she works closely with brands such as Bugaboo, Maclaren and Plan Toys.

Jessica is particularly passionate about sharing information on how to use botanicals, both topically and nutritionally to achieve better skin and a radiant, healthy glow. She has worked with large brands in the beauty industry, such as Jo Malone and is well underway with her latest project; Jessica Fenton Beauty ( where she blogs and vlogs weekly to help inspire people to seek out natural beauty for ultimate health and radiance.

William Bedford

William Bedford has lead a multicultural life. An Argentinian-American, in his childhood he lived part time in Argentina and the US, and then spent four years in Brazil (mostly barefoot playing football in the local park), before ending up, rather improbably, in Texas. But it was while hacking through the Belizian jungle in search of Mayan treasures in 2001 and 2002 that he first started to ponder the question of cultural identity and how it might affect our behaviour. Will has now worked in England as a professional archaeologist for the last ten years. He is also an anthropologist and cultural theorist who is exploring how cultural identity is structured, and how it affects outcomes within a society. He has a passion for increasing understanding of cultural influences and for developing strategies to effect cultural change which can result in improved health outcomes and ethical choices.

Andrew Buxton

Andrew is devoted to promoting the global social and economic solutions presented by The Venus Project, and to educate on the real state of our current failing socioeconomic system. He has spent much time learning from and in the company of Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, assisting them in numerous ways over the last few years and speaking at various events with and without them.

As part of his volunteering, he is Web Developer and Systems Administrator of The Venus Project’s websites and is also team leader of TVP Design, to support and assist The Venus Project in all design related projects. As a 3D Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) artist, he is the creator of many of the 3D renderings and animations of Jacque Fresco's designs, as well as the circular city animation at the end of TVP’s Paradise or Oblivion (free to watch online). He is also Project Coordinator for City Design, Web Development, the IT Team and the Software Development Team. He has years of experience working in the construction industry as a Building Services Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician and as a multi-service CAD Coordinator in both 2D & 3D.

Graham Jevon

Graham 'Theobroma' Jevon is a leading living foods, Medifoods and Tonic herb expert & nutritionist as well as being the UK’s first and only Motivational Nutrition Strategist.

Graham lost over 10 stone in body weight, in only six months, using raw foods, whole foods, Medifoods and Tonic herbs. He cured his asthma, eczema and solved many other problems, all by adopting this extraordinary way of eating.

With a background in biology and chemistry Graham knows the body inside out. He is a naturopathic nutritionist and has worked with oncologists, homeopathic doctors, GPs, orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, nutritionists, psychic healers and even shamans in South America. This has given him a great insight into how and why the body functions the way it does and how disease can manifest and be treated naturally. His own remarkable story of incredible weight loss and real life transformation is hugely inspiring. He shares his story and expertise in all corners of the world.
As a renowned public speaker and lecturer of raw food nutrition, Graham has met and helped thousands of people from all over the world.

Author of the forthcoming book “The Live Food Link Cycle System”

Ellie Bedford

Ellie Bedford is passionate about nutrition and family health. She lived with a number of health conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis and non-specific auto immune conditions, while her children suffered frequent 'common childhood infections' until she asked the question 'why' and was lead on the path to whole-foods living.

Her new whole-food diet dramatically improved her health and the health of her family, inspiring her to learn more about nutrition. Ellie studied at the Bodymind Institute and graduated with certifications in Level 1 Nutrition and Raw Foods Certification. Being passionate about children's health, Ellie has taught raw food classes at schools and other youth organisations, spreading the word that healthy food tastes great! With a passion for continual learning, she continues to attend raw food workshops and wellness conferences, and currently works as a whole-food consultant and food writer. Ellie is Author of The Superdrink Handbook for Kids.

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