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Lia Aquila

Lia Aquila

Natural health practitioner

Appearing on Sunday 12pm in the Nutrition Talks room

Download the event programme here

Since becoming a natural health practitioner trained in sports/remedial massage 11 years ago Lia has been aware of the benefits of nutrition and was also grew up on organic, home grown and whole foods. She discovered the healing power of raw food after transitioning from vegetarian, vegan and then raw vegan to recover from a debilitating illness. Lia had all the symptoms of primary progressive MS, 2 stone overweight, and suffered from IBS and asthma. She started introducing raw food and lots of 'superfoods' in to her diet and with exercising regularly within 7 months was symptom free, had lost 2 stone, and competed in her first triathlon!

This transformation and rapid recovery sparked a passion to share knowledge and the experience of the healing power of nutrition with other people. Lia has trained in raw food nutrition and has since been giving talks and workshops sharing the knowledge and inspiring people to feel better and really enjoy nutritious vegan and raw food. Lia main message is to be firstly vegan and as high raw as possible. Lia is also the founder and organiser of Raw Fest an annual 3 day raw food and healing festival.


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