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League against Cruel Sports

League Against Cruel Sports

Appearing both days at stall D7 on G/F, and doing a talk on Saturday October 5th at 12pm in the Campaigns Talks room

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Cruelty to animals at any time is upsetting and wrong. The League was started by a group of people who felt strongly that cruelty inflicted in the name of sport was particularly barbaric and upsetting.

If you feel that animals should not be used as targets or objects to be chased for someone's entertainment then you are a supporter already.

The League has developed effective ways to thwart such sports, gaining public support and causing difficulty for the people inflicting cruelty. Ultimately the League does not bandage animal's paws. Instead we deal with the perpetrators of the cruelty by seeking effective ways to stop them for good.

There are four key things we do:

1. Expose the barbaric nature of cruel sports and the people involved, identifying what action should be taken.

2. Raise awareness and campaign for change by lobbying government, politicians and businesses. This includes campaigning for new laws and helping to enforce existing laws by working with the police to bring to justice those who commit illegal acts of cruelty for sport.

3. We help people whose lives are being detrimentally affected by cruel sports.

4. Run sanctuaries in heavily hunted areas to frustrate the perpetrators of cruelty and help protect animals.


Twitter: @LeagueACS


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