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Jeanette Rowley

Jeanette Rowley

Director of International Vegan Rights Alliance (IVRA)

Appearing on Sunday October 6th at 12pm in the Campaigns Talks Room

Download the event programme here

Jeanette is a lifelong animal rights activist and campaigner and has lived a vegan lifestyle for more decades than she will now admit! She has previously acted as regional representative for a variety of animal rights organisations and taken on various responsibilities for organising local animal rights and hunt saboteurs groups and an animal rights youth group.

Jeanette's focus has always been on promoting the rights of other animals through direct action and multi-level campaigns along with promoting the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. More recently Jeanette has turned her attention to campaigning for vegan rights in law as a way of contributing to dismantling speciesist society.

Jeanette has spoken at various international conferences including the International Equality, Diversity and Inclusion conference held in Toulouse, the International Animal Rights conference held in Luxembourg and at the recent Veggie Pride held in Geneva where along with Swiss and Indian vegan activists presented the United Nations with a petition for animal and vegan rights.

Jeanette is the founder of the International Vegan Rights Alliance ( and is currently mobilising a global network of vegan rights activists in addition to undertaking research into the lived daily discriminatory experiences of vegans.

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