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Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald

Producer of 'the Vegan Option' - Internet Radio Show & Blog

Appearing on Saturday October 5th at 12pm on the Performance Stage, and 6pm in the Workshops room

Download the event programme here

Ian McDonald produces "The Vegan Option" - imagine Radio 4, if it was transmitted from a parallel universe where vegans run the BBC. As well as being a BBC-trained radio producer, he also has a licence to busk on the London Underground, a doctorate in bioinformatics, and a vague intention to stop changing careers.

For The Vegan Option, he has delved into the story of a medieval Arab poet with Benjamin Zephaniah, grilled a cat food maker about his criminal convictions for overselling, and interviewed the UK's 3 vegan MPs. He was the first journalist to interview them together, and Kerry McCarthy MP cited him in parliament's first debate on veganism.

He turned vegan during the dark ages before VegfestUK came along, and lives in East London with his rescued cat.

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