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Cookery Classes

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On the Ground Floor, with some superb experts on hand with the latest creations to light up your plant based diets

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12.00                   Chad Sarno - All About the Sauce: Essential Mother Sauces

1.00                     Christine Bailey - Healthy Raw Superfood Treats for the Family

2.00                      Kerstin Rodgers - Brilliant Dips

3.00                      Jane Easton (Viva!) -   Dairy Free & Delicious

4.00                      Jane Hughes - Getting to Grips with Tofu

5.00                      Helen Rossiter - Fast Fresh and Fabulous with Vegusto

6.00                      Aneesh Popat (the Chocolatier) - Stunning and Truly Indulgent Chocolate Dessert



12.00                    Janice Weir-Germia (Caribbean Food Truly) - Tropical Heaven

1.00                      Fran Costigan - Irresistible Vegan Chocolate Desserts
 for Everyone

2.00                      Nishma Shah (Shambhu's) - Shambhu's African Fusion

3.00                      Chad Sarno - Healthy Entertaining: A Bite-sized World

4.00                      Jay Morjaria (Sutra Kitchens) - Vegan Gourmet

5.00                     Natasha Corrett - Cooking the Alkaline way with Natasha Corrett from Honestly Healthy!

6.00                      Tony Bishop - Weston - Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezy


12:00 - Chad Sarno - All About the Sauce: Essential Mother Sauces

The title says it all. Classic sauces are some of the building blocks of many menus and an essential part of the plant based kitchen. In this demo we will highlight some of these key influencers and multiple variations in creating delicious meals showcasing plants as the center of the plate. From vegan béchamel, and Nanas red sauce to gravies, this demo will be sure to bring that comfort to your next vegan menu.



Want to wow your family and friends with raw food? Then try some nutritious raw desserts and treats. Nutritionist, Chef and Raw Food Wizard in the Kitchen Christine Bailey will show you how easy it is to make a selection of healthy dishes with an array of nutritious ingredients and superfoods. Her recipes focus on foods to nourish the body to help you feel energised, vibrant and look fabulous.

This raw food demonstration is a must for anyone looking for new healthy, mouth-watering treats the whole family will love. There will be lots of tasty samples to try at the end of the demonstration.

14:00 - Kerstin Rodgers - Brilliant Dips

I'm dippy about dips. This hors d'oeuvre or side can be made in a never ending variety, is great for using up vegetables or beans, and if you have a powerful blender, is quick and easy to make.

As well as demonstrating how to make a few dips, both classic and unusual, I'll talk about the social mores of dipping. Double dipping, is it ever acceptable? What is the best transportation vehicle for dips? Smooth or lumpy? Dips around the world and other vital matters concerning the blended stuff.


15:00 - Jane Easton - Dairy Free & Delicious

Dairy-free & Delicious: cool vegan alternatives. Jane dispels the myth that vegan means ‘going without'. She'll be making luscious savouries and desserts, including some vegan cheezy flavours! Visit the links here for detailed recipes:

Tiramisu Bread Pudding
Easy Buckwheat Pancakes with Spinach & Crème Cheeze
Almost Instant Pizza

Jane is a self-taught cook who has cooked since very young. Not only is she passionate about modern vegan food and showing people how to eat cruelty-free, she is also a firm believer in the persuasive powers of cake and chocolate to knock all those urban myths on the head about vegan food being about ‘giving up'!

16:00 - Jane hughes - getting to grips with tofu

Many people struggle with tofu - it's a fabulous source of protein and other nutrients for vegetarians and vegans, but it can be tasteless and floppy. This session features simple ways to add flavour and texture to tofu, so that it can become a more useful and enjoyable part of your diet. Take home recipes for tasty marinades, protein-packed 'meatballs' and a super-fast sweet and sour sauce.

Twitter: @vegfoodwriter


Vegusto UK sell an exquisite range of award-winning meat and dairy free produce, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, including cheeses, sausages, burgers, sandwich slices, pepper steaks, smoked luncheon rolls, roasts and pâtés.

Come and learn how to create fast, fresh and fabulous meals using their delicious meat and dairy alternatives. Eating vegan doesn't mean going without - come and watch the very best vegan cooking brought to life!

Vegusto recipe developer and food photographer Helen Rossiter will be showcasing how to make the very best out of some of the finest meat and dairy alternatives available - from Vegusto's No Moo Melty, to their Pepper Sausages and Sandwich Slices.


18:00 - Aneesh Popat (the chocolatier) - stunning & truly indulgent chocolate dessert

London based artisan chocolatier Aneesh Popat, supplier to Michelin starred restaurants and 5* hotels, will demonstrate how to create a stunning and truly indulgent chocolate dessert!




At Caribbean Foodtruly, we love tasty food and know you will also. Tropical Heaven brings the sunshine into your meals and a cozy spot to enjoy every mouth watering mouthful of Tropical culinary delights.

Roti is a staple snack food in Trinidad, and Mauby is a cooling herbal drink that, although an acquired taste, leaves you wanting more once you have acclimatised to its offerings.

Join our rhythmic cooking sessions or buy your own meal packs to take home and prepare. Its your best choice, and its ‘Tropical Heaven'.

13:00 - Fran Costigan - Irresistible Vegan Chocolate Desserts
for Everyone

Yes, you can eat a wholefoods vegan diet and enjoy celebration cakes, holiday desserts and luscious everyday healthy treats too! New York City based vegan pastry chef- instructor and cookbook author Fran Costigan, the creator of the internationally popular Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive® will demonstrate how to choose and use dairy-free high percentage premium chocolates and a variety of organic, wholesome vegan ingredients to make luscious cholesterol and refined sugar free desserts. On the menu: real Chocolate Truffles and her riff on a decidedly English treat, plus a delicious thick chocolate beverage too, all are gluten free too.

14:00 - Nishma Shah (Shambhu's) - Shambhu's African Fusion

Nishma Shah is the vegan chef behind Shambhu's, the London-based family run vegan catering company and creators of a popular range of vegan & gluten-free cheesecakes (Shambhu's Lemon & coconut cheesecake has been nominated for a Vegfest UK award this year). One secret of Shambhu's success is how Nishma draws inspiration from culinary styles from around the world. At the London Vegfest, Nishma's theme will be African fusion. She'll be cooking a traditional, very popular and hearty Kenyan vegan dish, using simple and fresh ingredients, and giving it a slight Asian twist :-)

15:00 - Chad Sarno - Healthy Entertaining: A Bite-sized World

This demonstration will be a continuation of the raw demo earlier in the day.

Starting a meal is the first impression of what the evening will hold for your guests, so for that first course lets create some dishes that will be sure to impress. In this demo we will create a few recent dinner party favorites from truffled edamame dumplings to jack fruit carnitas, this is demo not to miss.

16:00 - Jay Morjaria (Sutra Kitchen) - Vegan Gourmet

Chef Jay Morjaria will create two vegan gourmet dishes using fresh and quality ingredients. These easy-to-recreate and sensational dishes will impress your friends and family and make you look like a haute cuisine chef. He will also teach you a few simple knife skills and techniques that will give and insight into restaurant secrets.

17:00 - NATASHA CORRETT - Cooking the Alkaline way with Natasha Corrett from Honestly Healthy!

Natasha Corrett who is a gourmet vegetarian chef and also founder of Honestly Healthy takes to the Vegfest to demonstrate all the different combinations which can be used to make up Salad Wraps. Not only does Natasha like to keep things creative but also likes to make sure that the food you eat is healthy. Natasha will be using the following ingredients among many more to make up these delicious Honestly Healthy Salad Wraps: puy lentils, red rice, roasted vegetables, baked aubergine, roasted butternut squash, grated courgette, kale massaged with lemon, spinach and coriander among many others. With Natasha giving a step by step guide it will allow people to get creative and healthy. This is the perfect packed lunch to take with you to work or on a picnic or any festival or event this Summer.


18:00 - Tony Bishop-Weston - Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezy

Vintage vegan Tony Bishop-Weston and recovering cheese addict shares his love of dairy free vegan cheese, how to make it and what to do with it. "There is absolutely no reason to deprive yourself of the fatty, salty, lactose sweet and pro-biotic bacteria infested concoction that the Romans brought with them thousands of years ago. Vegan cheeseboards can now rival all but the most exclusive of restaurants efforts and cheesy sauces and toppings fool food critics all over the world. Vegan cheese cakes are available in almost every high street and shopping centre that has a health food store. The ‘oh but I couldn't live without cheese' excuse for avoiding veganism has now been rumbled'"

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