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Some truly superb short films on show throughout the weekend, on the ground floor

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Veganism is the rejection of speciesism and human supremacy in mind, heart and action. Vegans respect animals as intrinsic, sentient individuals, and therefore do not support their use as objects for our personal pleasure, amusement, or convenience. Veganism is about refusing to view other beings as commodities that we can freely exploit and use, not only for food, but also for such things as clothing, sport, entertainment, experimentation etc. Veganism addresses important issues which affect us all, not just the obvious ones like animal exploitation, but also increasing violence, world hunger, dwindling resources, our declining health, and the agricultural practices that are ravaging our planet.

Dude, where do you get your protein from?

Protein is the most revered nutrient of all and has driven our food choices for over a hundred years. But what if (almost) everything you thought you knew about protein was wrong? 

A 30 minute film that's not only fun to watch, but informative and puts to rest some of the most important myths about protein. If you know someone who justifies their eating habits using the "protein" argument, show them this!

Plant-based nutrition vs Animal-based nutrition

Many people think that eating solely plant-based foods is not healthy and are still convinced that meat, dairy, fish and eggs are a necessary part of our diet. But as this video shows, by eating a varied diet containing plenty of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains, it is easy to get all the nutrients we require.. with the added bonus that plant-based foods contain no saturated animal fat, no cholesterol and none of the acidifying effects of animal derived foods.

The Meatrix

In a dark satire of The Matrix, Leo, a pig on a seemingly bucolic family farm, is approached by Moopheus, an anthropomorphic bull. Moopheus shows Leo that the farm he has known is an illusion, and that he is really trapped in a horrific factory farm. Leo and Moopheus then work to break out of the Meatrix and help others do the same, with some help from a third character, Chickity. The animated short aims to encourage consumers to purchase organic food products and free-range meats.

The True Cost of Food

The True Cost of Food is a 15 minute educational and entertaining video about sustainable food. This video is produced by the Sierra Club Sustainable Consumption Committee as part of a campaign to encourage people to think about the environmental impacts of their consumption choices.

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home is the brand new film from CAPS exposing conditions in UK zoos and explaining why they should be phased out.

Zoos in this country are often seen as amongst the best in the world but as this exposé reveals, animals are still lingering in miserable conditions, all so people can enjoy a day out.

Best Before: The london revolution

A short documentary about rising food prices and an impending food crisis in the UK. In London, obesity and food poverty rates are skyrocketing, and healthy food has become the privilege of the wealthy. But London is also the city where community organisations are shaping alternatives. From city farms to roof gardens, farmers' markets to food cooperatives, Londoners are taking matters into their own hands. Best Before follows the people taking back control of food production in the UK and who are providing an alternative for a more sustainable, ecological and socially just food system.

What We can Do to End World Hunger

The growing consumption of meat, poultry and dairy products has created an explosion in livestock populations worldwide. As this video explains, meat-eating societies are the main cause of world hunger because they feed a disproportionate percentage of the world's crops to the 60 billion land animals annually killed by the meat, dairy and egg industries worldwide, and tens of billions of marine animals... instead of the 7 billion people on the planet.

A Life Connected: vegan

"A Life Connected: Vegan" is a short, uplifting video about the positive power of making conscious consumer choices that are consistent with our shared values of kindness, justice, and compassion for other people, for the planet, and for animals. The video has become very popular, having been viewed by millions around the world and translated into over a dozen different languages.

Animals are not Clowns

Actor Nicholas Ball speaks out against animal cruelty in circuses in this undercover investigation from Captive Animals' Protection Society.

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