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Chrissy Leyland

chrissy leyland

Founding member of Pogo Cafe and the London Vegan Pledge

Chrissy will be appearing at VegFestUK, London, at 2pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday in the Workshops 1 zone.

Download the event programme here


I went vegan for a month when I was 15. Going vegan seemed like a big step and having a goal of one month made it seem more achievable. Once I started it was so much easier than I thought it would be and 25 years later I am still vegan!

I was one of the founders of Pogo Café, a vegan workers co-operative, of London Vegan Campaigns and of the London Vegan Pledge. In 2007 I read a newspaper article by a journalist who went vegan for a month, and decided to stay vegan. This reminded me of how I started on my own vegan journey. I thought, surely if we encourage others to go vegan for a month they would see how easy it is. Thus the annual London Vegan Pledge was born in 2008, attracting about 70 participants in recent years.

Since relocating to the north I've teamed up with Kelly Slade to form the Vegan Approach. I run a local group, Huddersfield Vegans, and am a school speaker for Animal Aid. I live in a totally vegan household with my partner Paul, son Zak, father-in-law, carer and 3 cats!

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