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Janice Weir-Germia - Caribbean Foodtruly

Janice Weir-Germia

Director of Caribbean FoodTruly Ltd

Appearing on Sunday October 6th at 12pm in the Cookery Demos Theatre

Download the event programme here

Janice Weir-Germia, The Director, would watch and imitate her Trinidadian Mothers cooking to develop her own Culinary signature. Mum sure knows how to ‘TURN A POT'.

Culinary delights by Foodtruly includes ROTIS reminiscent of her Trini Mother and Grandmothers 'famed' Daahl Puri Roti loved by many in the East London Caribbean community during the 70s. Mum would cook for large numbers on a regular basis for many years. We Loved Food and Hated Waste. Janice is now a LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE Champion.

Additionally, Janice's late Grandmother, Mrs Joyce Christie (On her Fathers' side) was a PERFECT Jamaican Cook in every sense of the word - You could eat your fingers to the "BONE". As a Cafe Restaurant owner in Islington in 1966, she was one of the first Female Caribbean Entrepreneurs who ventured into front-line business specialising in Caribbean Food. The Entrepreneurial seed was sown for our Director.

After commencing studies in Dietetics; Food Safety; and learning family cooking secrets in Jamaica and Trinidad, she developed VEGAN cakes, Wheatfree breads, Seasonings, Sauces and Catering Business tips to develop her own Catering Solutions Business. In January 2011 Foodtruly Ltd was lovingly formalised to provide: Catering, Training, and Event Organising.
Twitter: @foodtruly

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